S: +45 23 99 73 09

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Karupvej 6 B

DK - 8000 Aarhus C

We are two photographers based in Aaarhus (it used to be spelled Århus), which is the second-largest city of Denmark, on the East coast of Jutland, right in the geographical centre of the country.

We specialize in editorial and corporate photography. We love to shoot on location, and we also have a studio for portraits. Our work has been published in numerous Danish and international  print and online media.
We are available on short notice, and we work hard to get the pictures, that tell the story and make our clients happy.
Why are you called Chili foto, you might ask. Well, it's not because we do a lot of food Pictures, but we strongly believe that good Pictures can add something extra to a written story, just like spices add flavour and color to our food.
The rest of this website is in Danish, but the Pictures should speak for themselves, so have a look around in our galleries.
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